Beach Assault Studios

Beach Assault Studios Beach Assault Studios was founded by Dennis Robinson in 2003 as a non-profit base of operations and recruitment center for his game modification projects. Since then the company has evolved toward webdesign and web applications.
War Photos

War Photos War Photos brings you stunning galleries from World War One, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam and more.
Xfire Profile Facebook Application

Xfire Profile Facebook Application Xfire Profile displays various information from Xfire on your Facebook profile. You are able to display your entire gaming history as recorded by Xfire, and any favourite servers you saved in the Client. Xfire Profile can even display your gaming rig if you uploaded it to the Xfire website! Stay tuned for many more exciting features in the near future.
Dennis Robinson's Portfolio

Dennis Robinson's Portfolio Beach Assault Studio founder Dennis Robinson's official online portfolio.
Xfire Plus

Xfire Plus Xfire Plus provides various services that enhance the Xfire instant messenger and community. Their current line-up includes the Music Plugin, Infoview Extensions, Custom Game Support, Multi-IM Plugin, Xfire Web Messenger, Xfire Profile Facebook Application and more.